Don't Plug That In Your Charging Port! | Weekly Techie Tip

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Don't Let This Happen To Your Phone

There are several bad experiences you may have with your iPhone. Many users aren't really aware of of these issues until it's too late. Thankfully we are here to give you your Weekly Tip on why you shouldn't plug certain items in your charging port.

Charging Ports are meant for 2 things only. Charging your phone and syncing it with your computer for data transfer or restoring purposes. Apple's iPhones are designed strictly for that and require specific specifications in order for your phone to work properly and not experience any issues. They highly recommend using their data cables only and that is for a very good reason.

In this day of age thanks to Amazon, Ebay, and all your favorite retail stores, aftermarket chargers and adapters are easily accessible for purchase in some cases for very low prices. You may have also noticed some cool add on gadgets for your phone such as a plug in fan or a flash light.

Purchasing an inexpensive charging cable or plugging strange items to your charging port can lead to your phone having a short circuit and damaging vital components on the logic board which may cause several issues such as battery draining, phone no longer charging, boot looping, or the black screen of the death. If this happens to you your device will require Micro Soldering Repair which in not a DIY task and can be hefty in price depending where you go.

What can you do to prevent this? Simple! Don't use gimmicky add on items and don't buy cheap $5 cable from the gas station. Best choice is to buy Apple brand, or other reputable brands that focus on quality such as Belkin or OtterBox.

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